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Does having fake nails on for a long time damage your real nails?

Does anyone know if you have fake nails on for a while if it hurts your real nails in any way? I put on some this past weekend (not professional...the kind YOU glue) and my friend this I should get them professionally done because they look good with my long fingers.Does having fake nails on for a long time damage your real nails?

Yes if you wear them often then fake nails do damage your real nails. They make them weak, brittle and can discolour them as well. You'll also end up with the remains of the glue on your nails, which can be a pain to get off without scratching your nails, or making them peel.

Acrylic nails are good now and then, but don't make a habit of it. Why not focus on getting your real nails long and healthy instead?

~Mystic.Does having fake nails on for a long time damage your real nails?
As a manicurist I can say that any damage is temporary. The amount of damage to the existing nail depends on the person doing the fake nails.

Most of the damage occurs when taking the fake nails off. The fake nail is attached to the uppermost layer of the nail. When the fake nail comes off the top layer goes with it so your nails are a bit weak for about 3 months as the nail grows out. The more aggressive you are in removing the fake nails the more damage to the nail.
It will look better than you doing them yourself, but using anything artificial in leu of what your body has naturally is not good for you in the long run. Keeping the nails on for a month or two won't hurt. You will notice you nails under the fake one become thinner. Keeping them in for months and months at a time can put you at risk for a nail fungus and permanently destroy your nail bed. You might also want to bring you own nail filer to the nail shop. The ones some nail shops use are used. They use them on everyone then use it on you (ewww)
yess it really does damage your fingers, if you want long nails, just grow them out, fake nails for a long time can scratch your real ingernails and terar them off, you could get them proffesionally done but chances are, it will still hurt you real nails
As nice as they look they do make the real other nails underneath weak and kinda flimsy but like it comes back fine and as much as it sucks they look nice and as long as you keep the fake ones on you cant tell
No but if you want your nails long why don't you have extensions put on they shouldn't cost too much it depends on where you go.
yea they could make them weak for a little while, but just take prenatal pills they make your nails strong!

What do you tell the salon person when you want fake nails and a fench manicure on them?

I don't know what to say when i walk in! haha PLEASE HELP! I need them before sadies!What do you tell the salon person when you want fake nails and a fench manicure on them?
same thing you said in the titleWhat do you tell the salon person when you want fake nails and a fench manicure on them?
first say

full set please

then they say what color

you say

french tip please

by the way nice choice
You want french maniculed acryllic nails.

(or if you want to go a bit more fancy fake nails, you want french manicured gel nails)
You should call to make an appointment for a full set of tips. (You should know what type of tips you want) It could take an hour and you don't want to wait around for someone. You get there and they will ask you to pick a color, you say french ~OK~ but you have a choice... white on light pink (which I think is most common) and white on white, which I prefer. The choice is yours. Enjoy!
Ask for ';a full set of pink and white';. they don't chip, look like french and last a lot longer. they always look great.
just say tat you want a'; full set with a french tip, please';
yes, hello, i would like a French manicure after you gimme some new nails that are fake.....
simply ask for nails added, then paint a french manicure.
tell them that u want jelly nails with an french manicure
people who work in salons dont expect you to know the term for every thing. all you have to tell them is that you what to get a french manicure, but you want it done on fake nails.

What brand of fake nails should I wear?

I'm a muslim so I want fake nails that I can take off before I praying and put them back on after I'm finished praying.What brand of fake nails should I wear?
ummm.... i d k just go to cvs i see them there all the time.........What brand of fake nails should I wear?

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don't wear fake nails germs can get on them and go start to your nail and makes you get sick and you could die.
just get them done at the salon
Don't you think that GOD sees you before and after you pray and sees that you are wearing those sinful nails??

I would not tempt fate and just keep wrapped up tight in a beekeeper outfit and forget about nails. It will catch up with you in the end if you are vein. You need to pray more and ask for forgiveness
Fake nails are tacky.

How old does a kid have t obe to get her unibrow waxed by the friendly chinese people who also do fake nails?

Hi everyone. My 7 year old girl has a major dark brown unibrow with very bushy eyebrows. I was wondering if she is old enough to get those brows waxed at a specialist or not? Has anyone else had their kids eyebrows waxed and at what age did you start this? Thanks everyone!!How old does a kid have t obe to get her unibrow waxed by the friendly chinese people who also do fake nails?
Well I took my daughter in soon after being born. She had that funky fur all over her body when she was born and it just grossed me the hell out. It was keeping me from bonding properly with her. The nice ladies at the salon just coated her in that numbing stuff so she didn't feel it. Her skin was a little red and swollen for the next few days, but it was well worth it.How old does a kid have t obe to get her unibrow waxed by the friendly chinese people who also do fake nails?
i first got my eyebrows done at 14 . . .

I didn't have unibrows but u know . . .

I love em' with an arch and thin . . . not too thin buh u know . . .
There shouldn't be a limit but it isn't htat good to have them done too soooon.

answer mines please;;_ylt=AqR15SyuIS3dxshf1bv88cbsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090425154110AASrEjc
I don't think there is an age limit, heck I get my 9 year old a Brazilian every Summer before she wears her Thong on the Beach.
no age limit but why would you start to do that so young? thats just crazy body obsessed not good morals to instill in your daughter, sorry.
there is no limit you can also get it done at hair salons
What perfect timing! 7 is the age that they start waxing unibrows. You gotta love them friendly Chinese people!
There is no age limit my sister got hers done and she was 10. LOL. im hoping to get mine done and im 12.
just pluck them. the people could mess up and then her eyebrows will grow back funky.
naww ;;

the poor girl

there's no age limit


How do you get rid of fake nails from a salon off yourself that are fiber glass without it hurting so much?

I've recently been getting my nails done, and I want to stop because I don't want to keep spending the money even though I love having them done. I want to get them off, but I don't want to go to the salon because when I did it hurt so bad, and I had bruises on my nails. So how do I get Fiber glass nails off myself without it hurting so much????How do you get rid of fake nails from a salon off yourself that are fiber glass without it hurting so much?
fiberglass should soak off in pure acetone which you can buy at wal-mart. if they are gel nails then they must be filed offHow do you get rid of fake nails from a salon off yourself that are fiber glass without it hurting so much?
use nail polish remover put in boll soke nails it will take like a hour watch tv when u do it it wount hert its worth the time

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look in local wallmarts on the regular nail polish remover, because i got this really good kind that removed the nails and you can barely feel it!
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  • How old do you have to be to get fake nails and what will happen if you have them to long?

    I was wondering how old do you have to be to get nails and what will happen if you keep them on to long?I am asking this because I am going to go to my friends sister comunion and my sister wants to get fake nails but my mom won't lets her can somone help me out?How old do you have to be to get fake nails and what will happen if you have them to long?
    There is no certain age you have to be to get fake nails.

    If they are are done at a nail salon,they're perfectly harmless.

    Nothing will happen if you keep you keep them on to long except you natural nail will grow out and you'll have to get a fill-in.

    Hope this helped:)How old do you have to be to get fake nails and what will happen if you have them to long?
    You can be any age.

    If your planing to get them done at the nail salon its exspensive.

    But they stay on way longer and are nicer and don't fall off.

    They do ruin your nails and make them thinner.

    If you get ones at the store and do it yourself its easier.

    They don't stay on as long, you can take them off.

    There's nothing wrong with it, just tell her that your just wearing it for the comminuion to look nicer.


    hope this helps!
    you can get fake nails at any age and nothing harmful should happen if you leave them for too long.
    there is not age liit, but they can cause nail daage becUSE OF THE GLUE, JUST REPLACE THEM.

    sorry for the caps

    What do you think of fake tan and hair extensions and fake nails?

    some people think that people who do theses things are fake but i don't think that do preferably prefer my natural tan i have long hair any way but i do like false nails i just woundered what you thought about people who do these because they are insecure but i necessarily think its coz they think it looks nice.What do you think of fake tan and hair extensions and fake nails?
    Well, I think if you are going to have any of thsoe 3 things, they have GOT to be done professionally so you can tell they aren't fake.

    Extensions only look nice if they are the same exact colour of your hair and have been applied properly so you can't see the join and they must be cut and styled after you have put them in. Also, fake tan I don't like, but I'm naturally brown anyway. Fake nails should never be snowy white and square-cut because that is just blantent fakeness. Have them rounded and painted.

    XXWhat do you think of fake tan and hair extensions and fake nails?
    I have done all three, and am very real. I get a fake tan if I am going to a special event ex: wedding, award ceremony, ball, my birthday etc. I have only wore extensions once a long time ago and loved it. It is so much fun. I have long hair now and don't need to. However if I could afford it I would buy a wig with short hair maybe a bob like Victoria Beckhamp, because I miss short hair sometimes. I used to have fake nails for 6 years. They weren't long. I used to get what is called ';the pink and white'; I loved it because they were so low maintenance and always looked nice and professional. I decided to stop because it damages the nails and it gets expensive. I will still continue to get manicures and pedicures.

    To answer your questions, I think different people do it for different reasons. Ex: Show biz people kind of have to get tans and extensions because of the nature of their biznes, others like like you and I dont have to. It is ok for everyonce in a while to glam it up, but all the time.... I would say that person does not like themselves and is a bit shallow
    HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!! why try and be something your not?! just be yourself! i never use fake tan, wear fake nails or hair extensions! if you are trying to get attention from blokes then you are attracting the wrong kind of bloke as they are after your looks and not your personality!

    women who wear fake tan always look awful, orange, streaky, dirty! its not nice and i don't know how the women wearing it cant tell its not a good look and i don't know why their families let them out of the house looking like it!!

    fake hair really does look hideous and fake nails, well you can always tell they are FAKE!!!!
    i wear fake tan and hair extensions

    and i always get complimented :)

    but thats because my hair looks really natural

    and my fake tan is more of a subtle glow rather than bright orange

    i dont think you can judge someone who has hair extensions,fake nails and a fake tan

    because its there choice and why the hell should it bother anyone else

    it does NOT mean they are cheap sl ags

    its all about matter of choice
    i think its over the top and tacky.

    if you have a nice tan, pretty nails, or long hair, thats great for you, but if you don't, then why bother with all that stuff. plastic nails dont look attractive, they just look stupid, incoveniant, and a waste of time and money.

    i'm not one of these people who rabbit on about natural beauty and how no one should wear any make up, but i just think that sewing/clipping bits of fake or other people's hair onto your head is ridiculous, don't you have better things to do with your time?
    I think it we do it because we like it!!. Its personal taste. I personally wouldnt have a fake tan or hair extensions because i dont like them, i do have a natural tan and past shoulder length hair, but i have and i do wear false nails, i decorate them with nail art myself, my reason is, because i like them!!!
    I don't think people who do these things are fake. I think some can look it if they get to carried away though. But otherwise I think most people have tried any of those things at some point in time. Just because someone wants longer hair, nicer nails, or a tan, fake or not, doesn't necessarily mean they are fake people.
    i hate fake boobs, nails and hair, in fact i hate everything fake, especially when it comes to appearance. why do women feel the need to cover themselves in this fake crap? we can spot it a mile off and it's not a good look. tangerine skin, with acrylic nails and someone else's hair, lmao, what a joke.
    well I'm not keen on fake tan unless it looks nice and not orange like some peoples do

    i have extensions up to my chest and it looks good i wear it because i have hair that flicks so when i put them in it stays straight :)

    i love false nails unless they are to long

    if people wanna look that way they should go for it :)

    I think fake tans are stupid, because they make you look orange and sometimes it isn't even. I say put on some sunscreen and just sit out in the sun, I am naturally tan. Hair extensions: just grow your hair out! I think fake nails are god, the ones you glue on, because the real ones ruin your nails!

    i think that people who do that are normal. everyone wants to do things that make them look and feel better. i hate when people use the work fake because nobodys fake unless there plastic or anyother non-human like thing. I have a spray tan and hair extensions too. Its deff doesnt make you fake.
    I personally love all these things but i would probably only wear 2 together so i dont look too fake.

    but i think it is up to you wat you want to dress or look like and you shouldnt let anyone tell you wat to do :)
    Using this stuff is expensive and means that you aren't working what you've got. The fake nails are noticed by girls only - guys really don't care about your nails at all (so long as they are clean and painted).
    Extended hair takes hell of a care and people end up cutting it at some point. Fake tan... well, with the weather you have in the UK there is no other way to get tanned, LOL
    Well i wear hair extensions sometimes %26amp; tinted moistiuer %26amp; sometimes fake nails nothing round with it it looks natural
    Makes me wonder what else is fake and usually it is the person's character and/or personality.
    as long as the fake tans not orange, as long as the extention clips are not visible and as long as the persons fake nails look natural.

    None of them work for men. That is to say men should not indulge in any of them and real men would not encourage real women to indulge either.

    Real men like real (authentic) women.
    i think fake tans make youu look orange.

    extentions are arite but dont make them to long or they will look fake.

    fake nails are okayy but not scary long.
    i think they are creepy. and the same about fake eyelashes and coloured contact lenses.
    If you want everyone to know you come from Essex or at least think you do crack on.
    it makes a person fake!
    whats wrong with just being yourself ?
    gay y do you want to dress up like a doll