Friday, May 14, 2010

How do I get fake nails off?

I have a friend and she is having some trouble with fake nails.Can someone tell me how to get them off?How do I get fake nails off?
Get fake clippers.How do I get fake nails off?
Use pure acetone. Pour some in a glass bowl. Soak the nails for about 20 minutes. Then, without removing them from the acetone, start scraping with an orangewood stick. Scrape and soak until all the product is off.

polish remover will not work.

If your acrylics have a gel overlay then make sure you file the nail to break the seal before soaking.
You could always just carefully peel them off but i wouldnt do that :) It could damage the surface of your nails real bad. Instead you can just soak them in warm water. They should come off painlessly and easily. Hope i helped ♥♥
Soak them in Nail Polish Remover WITH acetone. (That is if they were professionally done) You need to soak them for a while, not like 5 minutes.. try like a half hour and they should melt/loosen up so you can get them off! Good Luck.
soke them under hot water for 5 min and then peel them off or you can go to the nail salon and they will take them off for you.

answer mine please;…
You can pull them off, but I wouldn't recommend it. The best thing to do is soak your nails in a nail polish remover for a few minutes. They will come off painlessly.
Soak them in a Nail polish remover with acetone until they become loose;…
sometime they brake off by theirself if you not carefull and it hurts but my aunt use press on nails and she just take um off with her other hand
soak your nails in only acetone

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