Friday, May 14, 2010

Does fake nails work, or do they ruin your nails?

I got these fake nail kit, and its the kind that you just glue ontop of your nail. When you take them off do they damage your nails? Because I want to know before I even think about putting them on. Thanks!Does fake nails work, or do they ruin your nails?
they do, but it's much better for you than acrylics. I wear fake nails ALL the time, and the reason I wear them is because my natural nails are already thin, and I just can't grow them out, and I like all the designs you can get. They do damage your nails, but it's not like it's irreversible or you'll ruin your nails if you keep on doing it. It's like straightening or blowdrying your hair everyday, is it damaging? yes, but it really is not a big deal and your hair still can be healthy while doing that. If you're really worried, put on a coat of nail hardener before you apply your nails. The box says to have your nails completely clean, but they'll still stick fine with nail hardener on.Does fake nails work, or do they ruin your nails?
I have never had fake nails but have had several friends that have. I take extra calcium and have beautiful nails, my friends' nails are pretty but every single one of them have tried to ';get off'; using fake nails and can't seem to because their natural nails are ugly. They make the natural nails weak and brittle, it's always nice to be natural and pretty. Don't even start! ALWAYS be yourself and be happy with it! You'll never regret it.
they do damage your nails! they make them thinner! unless you go to my special place (they might have them near you) where they are just a coating, natural nail filling that just makes it stronger and it looks just like and even better than fake nails, and they don't put all that powder and junk on it!
They dont at all! Their just not as strong
they ruin them.

Just grow your nails out.

I find fake nails to be just that- really, obviously fake.
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