Monday, May 10, 2010

How do i get fake nails with black tips?

im going to get fake nails tomorrow for the first time, and i was browsing the website of the nail salon i'm planning on going to and among their choices were:

';full set clear tips';

';full set white tips';

and ';full set pink and white powder';

.... but ive seen girls with fake nails with BLACK tips, i was really interested in them.

does this salon apparently not offer colored tips?How do i get fake nails with black tips?
If its a proper beauty shop they should have a machine that can spray patterns on, if you ask them then they should be able to do it, if not I'd go somewhere else. The best places to go are the nail bars with the phillipines working there, they do spray on patterns and they are cheaper than every where else - be warned though - they dont speak much english and they can be a little bit painful!! eeek!

But they do a fantastic job for half the price!

Good luck!!How do i get fake nails with black tips?
you can actually go to the dollar tree and bye nails that you can actually paint them bye your self and it caomes in a pack with like 100 nails for each hand and all you have to do is bye nail glue and they have that to there!!! i enjoy creating my own and doing nails for my sister but usually they have lots to chooswe from at all nail salons!! good luck!!
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Clear tips usually means that you pick the nail polish color that you want them to put on the tips.
get some 5 or more bucks on the bill, and ask the beautician to put on some varnish ;-)

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