Monday, May 10, 2010

What happens if a fake nail comes off?

i just got acrylic nails and i have a bad biting problem so i bit only one of my nails off

now the shiney stuff ontop has half way come of and underneath my nail is really thin and small

what shouldl i do? it kind of hurtsWhat happens if a fake nail comes off?
Soak it in a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of nail polish remover and water. Then take a sponge and wipe off the excess. Your nail will be fine. You can even leave that stuff on will be fine. What happens if a fake nail comes off?
Omg! I had the exact same problem a week ago! You need to go back to the place that did them and get them to fix it... they will probably file the stuff off your nail and start again with that one.

All of mine ended up coming off within 3 days after that though... My biting problem was bad I used to suck on the acrylics and i think all my saliva got under and made the acrylic come off... I have stopped biting and Im waitiing until they grow so I can go and get them done again :P
you should tape ur nails so you wont bite them.

other than that see a doctor or go bak to the nail salon cuz u woudnt want ur nail 2 break off.

i no its hard 2 stop biting cuz i have the same problem..

idk wat 2 do.
Go to the salon and ask for a replacement. Oh, and STOP BITING!

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