Monday, May 10, 2010

How do you remove fake nails at home?

Well i dont want to have to go back to the nail place and ill leave it at that but how do i remove them at home??How do you remove fake nails at home?
Soak them in acetone for about 20 minutes (maybe longer) and then file them's hard to get your nails back to normal after wearing the artificial nails and you'll prob. have to wait for them to grow before they look like what they did before you go the artificial nails. Good luck.How do you remove fake nails at home?
i just bite mine off
try fake nail remover.
acetone nail polish REMOVER.

It will soften them and disolve them and you can remove them. becareful not to rip off your natural nails.
nail remover r jus bite them off
soak in Acetone Nail Polish
soak them in nail polish remover and then take a toothpick or something and put it underneath the fake nail and push it up.....the nail polish remover will help loosen it.
got any pliers?
soak them in pure acetone for aout 15-20mins then wrap each nail in foil and use hairdryer ( really works) but really you should get them professionally removed as you wont ruin your nails
buy pure acetone pour it in a bowl and soak for a while
Use acetone, not nail polish remover w/ acetone in it. Straight acetone from the beauty supply store. Soak you nails, slowly remove. Do not bite them and be prepared for them to look BAD afterword! It will take patience so if you are looking to have them off in 30 mins...wait till you have enough time to do it right. If you start to remove a nail and it is hurting, don't pull it. Soak it again in the acetone and just relax! Be sure to have a file handy afterward and use lots of clear nail polish for the next 2 weeks to help the nails from breaking anymore! Good luck and don't hurt yourself...I've been down that road!!
at either wal-mart or target or any drugstore for that matter, you can purchase something called Nailene. It's Acrylic nail remover...soak them in there for a while and they then you can rub them off.
Use pure acetone, not acetone nail polish remover, that's not strong enough.

Soak for abou 20 minutes %26amp; you should be able to pry them off or file them, but it will take a while.
soack in hot water, and peel
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