Monday, May 10, 2010

How long can you keep on fake nails?

I was just wondering how long can you wear fake nails for? I heard that you should not leave them on for more than 2 weeks? Is this true? If not how long can i leave them on for without ruining my nails?How long can you keep on fake nails?
maybe 1 and a half of a week. Hope i helped.How long can you keep on fake nails?
Acrylic Tips, the ';fake nails'; that you speak of, are the nails you get at the salon. You can keep them on for up to three weeks, for they are durable, and replacing them is cheap. It takes about $25-50 to get these done.

You can get the Sally Hensen Tips from your local pharmacy, or the best brand would be Kiss Everlasting French Nails. These stay on for about two weeks, and are fairly cheap.

Any sort of glue is going to damage your nails, and make them brittle, but the longer you keep them under fake nails, the more damaged they will get. The question now is: are you willing to suffer for beauty?

Hope I helped :D
you can leave them on as long as you want. just need to get fill in one your nail grows out.. to get the stuff off you need to soak them in acetone once you leave them in for a while it should just peel off it self or you can scrap it off

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