Monday, May 10, 2010

One of my fake nails is starting to come undone what should i do?

ive only had them fro aabout a week and i was planning on getting them filled on saturday but they arent really growing out that fast, and i dont want to get that one taken off and put on again thats just extra money, any ideaS?One of my fake nails is starting to come undone what should i do?
whatever you do..DON'T USE GLUE!! trying to repair it yourself only leaves that obvious glue line that squeezes out between the nail(you put too much its put too little the nail will only break again, plus when you get a fill it'll be difficult to deal with that'll have to soak that nail in acetone for hours)..its hideous!!..go for nail repair..its your best betOne of my fake nails is starting to come undone what should i do?
You can go to the shop to just get that nail repaired, they usually only charge a few dollars. In the meantime, try using some nail glue on it.
If one of your nails is starting to come off and you need a quick fix you can always get some nail glue and gkue it back on. Or can can go back to where you got them done at and have them fix the nail.
you can use krazy glue (same type of glue they use at the salons) and just glue it back until u get ur nails filled thats the only way if u dont want to waste more money getting them all redone.
NEVER glue an artificial nail back on! Go back as soon as possible to have it repaired.

Gluing can cause water to be trapped between your nail and the artificial one where BACTERIA will grow and turn your nail green. (It's not fungus, it's pseudomonas bacteria)

Until you can go back, put a few drops of rubbing alcohol where the nail is lifted to dry out any water settling under it. This will help prevent the bacteria from thriving. Do that every night before bed.
Have the ppl at the salon put on a new one cuz that one that is coming of can crack more and get water under it so if you glue it down your self it can grow fungus under it. Its only 3 dollars for a fix, its worth it cuz it will look as good as the rest of your nails.Please add me to your contacts
go have them filled and get that one put back on at the same time, it's only like 3 dollars to have one put back on...beside that way they will all look the same and they will all grow out the same.
go back to the place that did your nails and tell them that you were there a week ago and your nail is already starting to come off and they may do it over for you .or just wait until you go back for your refill
I think you should go see the person that put them on. You should have them taken off and ask them what the reason is.

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