Monday, May 10, 2010

What are the best fake nails to get?

I've never had nail extensions before but i really fancy getting some. I'm a complete novice to this, and dont really know what to ask for. I just want the natural looking nails with white tips, just so my nails look nice.

What do i ask for?What are the best fake nails to get?
Sculptured nails are the best,personally. Ive had the acrylics but found them uncomfortable and quite false looking. The sculptured don't use a false nail tip and layer on top its just a sticker placed on top of your own nail and gradually extended using gel..What are the best fake nails to get?
If you want a natural look ask for Gel Nails! I have mine done every 3-4 weeks and i would never be without them. I personally dont like the artificial look that come with nail extensions so i ask for them to be short in length and in a slightly round shape...square ones are too fake looking.
Acrylics are the strongest but bad for your natural nails

Gels are better for your nails but not as strong.

Or Fibreglass/ Silk nails are best for you natural nails but arent that strong.

There is a new type coming out called ';La Chat'; which are as strong as acrylics but as good for your nails like Gels

Hope this helps
You can just ask for acrylics or gels with white tips.

If you want something nicer and you don't mind paying a bit more, ask for pink %26amp; whites. They'll form the white with white acrylic and fill the rest with pink.
The best fake nails are no fake nails. Keep your natural nails well manicured and rounded. Shorter, natural nails are in. Fake nails aren't classy anymore. I promise.
acrylic but they all mess up ur nails anyway and it sucks because it only lasts for 2 weeks so its kinda a waste
acrylic/gel nails with a french manicure.
Ask for Acrylics or Gel nails, they'll know what you're talking about :)
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