Friday, May 14, 2010

How can I get my fake nails off?

I moved to Germany and here they don't do acrylic nails,how can I get them off?How can I get my fake nails off?
HOT WATER! How can I get my fake nails off?
if there is no salon there that does acrylic nails and is able to remove them, your best bet is to soak them acetone (nailpolish remover) for a long time... and use a big nail clipper to remove them, piece by piece, don't try to remove the whole nail at once, it will hurt. doing it yourself will take some time. i always get impatient and end up biting them off... which ends up hurting your teeth, so don't do that! try acetone and nail clippers.
you can try putting hot water, or another safer way is putting them in nailpolish, all the glue will go away and they will fall off.

your going to have to soak your fingers in acitone nail polish remover.

while they are soaking try to pull them off slowly.
I think you can burn them off.
soak them in hot water or just pry them off with a nail clipper.they may have glue and markings all over them but it will go away eventually.
Soak them in hot water and than nail polish remover, it loosens them so their easy to pull off.
Go to where you get your nails done, and get them to take them off.

soak in acetone.and use a orange wood stick to push off the melted acrylic.
soak in nail polish remover.
soak em in nail polish remover. ur hands smell bad for what seems like forever. but thats the only way i know how to do it.

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