Monday, May 10, 2010

What is an easy way to remove fake nails?

Last time, I kinda just ripped em off. That hurt and was pretty annoying. Any suggestions?

:DWhat is an easy way to remove fake nails?
The best, and most effective way to remove acrylic nails (I am assuming that is what you have?), is to soak them in PURE acetone. Avoid nail polish remover since it is diluted too much, and won't work as well as pure acetone does. It will take you 30 minutes at least, but just remember to never use any force when removing them. Just soak them in the acetone for about 30 minutes. Then, carefully begin to scrape the softened acrylic off with an orange stick while your nails are still immersed in the acetone because once you remove them from it, the acrylic will harden up again within only a few minutes of being exposed to open air. If it doesn't come off all the way on the first try. that's OK. Just continue to soak them for another 5-10 minutes and try again. It WILL come off before too long.

This IS the best method, and it is the preferred method used by the majority of nail professionals. Sure, the cheap salons will remove them in like 5-10 minutes for you. And how do they do it so quickly? By forcing them off of your nails by either prying them off, ripping them off, or using nippers and literally tearing them off of your natural nails. Do you have any idea what kind of damage that causes to your natural nails? It does a LOT of damage, that is for sure. And, it hurts a lot too. This is never the way nails should be removed. Ever. There were some things that were suggested that I'd like to comment on, if I may. I am not trying to put down others, I just want to clarify a few things real quick. One answer suggested to soak them inhot water for 5-10 minutes. Water will not do work in the removal of acrylic nails. Simple as that. You need to use an organic solvent. Water is a solvent, but it is not the type of solvent that will work for this type of process. Another answerer strongly suggested using polish remover with 'ACETATE', LOL! Sorry, but I had to laugh at the exceptionally bold emphasis he put into his answer as if it was THE one and only correct answer - and that him, being a TV as he admits to, automatically qualifies him as an expert in the field of nails. I disagree because it takes many years before anyone can be considered an expert in any field. And even then, not everyone achieves that sort of status. It takes many years of hard work and dedication to become highly knowledgeable in any field. Such a strong statement, wow! That isn't a bad thing normally -except when the answer is wrong! Then it's a little overdone, to say the least! His answer - Acetate, as in 'Ethyl Acetate' is normally used in non-acetone polish remover. And, non-acetone polish remover does NOT remove acrylic.

That's all I wanted to say! Not trying to offend, or make fun of anyone. I just wanted to kindly clarify things a little so that others who might read these answers don't get the wrong information, that's all. No harm intended!

Anyway, best of luck to you!What is an easy way to remove fake nails?
Hi.. First off, they are FALSE nails and not FAKE nails -there is a difference...

As a transvestite, I'm very much into a situation of ';nails on - nails off';, and the best way to remove FALSE nails is to soak your nails in nail polish remover with ACETATE..... Acetate will soften up the glue substantially for you to more or less ';peel'; the nails off.

Rachelle In High Heels..
I just took mines out yesterday!

one of my fingers the nail was coming out so i was like if this one is coming out, so is the rest! lol i wasnt gna be stuck with fake nails on 9 fingers while one of them were out...ugly looking huh? haha anyways i just bit mine off to tell you the truth because that is the easiest way also it hurts yes your right about that one lol...some people say they stick their fingers inside nail polish remover...tried that...didnt work! biting them worked for me better!
There are special chemicals that you can buy at like Shoppers that you rub the nails against the brushes on the inside and it works pretty well, i've used them before. Your welcome! It doesn't take too long only about half an hour for all of them.
I paid 10 dollars at a nail salon and they had me soak my fingers in acetone for half an hour and then they came off really easily and none of this hurt. It was a bit time consuming but ripping them off kinda freaked me out, lol.
Well let them soak in warm water for at lease 5-10 min and always if you buy them at a store look on the back it will tell u how

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