Friday, May 14, 2010

How do chicks with long fake nails wipe their butts?

Seriously, how is this possible?How do chicks with long fake nails wipe their butts? do chicks with long fake nails wipe their butts?
OMG, I have always wondered. I love long nails but not more than 1/2 an inch for me. But some ladies have nails that must be over 6 inches and they need to type with a pencil. I've come to a conclusion that they must wrap some stick with t.p then wipe. Or they don't wipe at all. Really if they did attempt to wipe they would break their nails or they would bet nastiness all under their nails. YUK!

not to be racist but 99.9% of the girls with long *** nails are black....and the ones that are black with really long *** nails are really ghetto.

so they're *** is already spread so far apart from the many ***** that have been in it that it probably takes one swipe to wipe.
you dont wipe your butt with your fingernails, you wipe it with your fingers, so therefore, it's possible! =]

thats truee

maybe they use their knuckles?;_ylt=AhiRZTKlPMKYmCQvMGffB5vsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090616075713AAusVF0
The long fake nails are glued on the their fingers making it very hard for the nails to fall off. So they can do anything and the nails wont fall off until like a month later.

Lolz (=
im sure they still can lol

Ha! I have always wondered that too! Kinda of gross actually , ughhh, Maybe they use something
LMFAO! Well, obviously they must or we'd have some smelly ladies walking amongst us.Questio they do it without scratching themselves? OUCH! Can't imagine even putting a tampon in with those talons!
Very carefully.
They don't. They don't poop!
they don't!

they become physically handy-cap
carefully I imagine.
I'm not sure but, they probably wrap it around their hands and then wipe.
they got someone too wipe it for them.
Good question.
haha good question.
haha, lol it probably gets stuck up there! hahaha!
they get sum1 else to
o its not easy very tricky to do the right way lol

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