Monday, May 10, 2010

How can I take off fake nails without them messing up my real nails?

Without paying a person to do it or without soaking them in acetone nail polish?How can I take off fake nails without them messing up my real nails?
Are they acrylic? Well if they are you pretty much have to do one of those 2. And your real nails will probably be pretty messed up. When i took my nails off my real ones were super thin and broke really easy.How can I take off fake nails without them messing up my real nails?
Make sure you use an acetone nail polish remover. Clip your fake nails down to your original nail and then soak in the acetone nail polish remover. After you may want to condition your original nail with a good cuticle oil. Spread it on all over your nail and cuticle and let dry. Do this a couple of times a day, and your original nail will be good as new.
peel it off slowly
yeah i'm thinking that there isn't much else that will work.
the only real way to get them off with minimal damage to your real nail is soaking them in acetone....peeling them off will peel of part of your real nails underneath and leave them extremely thin and fragile!!!!

soaking your nails in PURE acetone will only take 1/2 hour at the most for both hands....
soak your nails in acetone.


just let them melt off.

then rinse and wash your hands really well and put oil on your nails. acetone will really dry them out.
Soaking your nails in nail polish remover (acetone) is about the only way I know of removing them. Do not try to pry them off. You will damage your real nail badly.
i think those are the only two options u have.
use acetone on cotton balls and then place foil over your fingertips to hold the soaked cotton balls in polace, every 5 minutes or so take them off and scrape awy the plastic/acrylic as it melts, if you do it right it should do too much damage to your own nails. You could go have them removed for you would probably run $15-$25. Acetone is not that big of deal hon, much better than picking them off.
Sounds like you are out of options.
You have two choices here.

You either soak them off yourself or you go have them taken off. Depending on how long you have worn them your nails are going to suffer the consequences anyway. Fake nails make your nails weak and thin. It will take time for them to restore back to normal.

Whatever you do DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT peal them off unless you want seriously damaged nail beds!
just go a nail place and ask them to take them off for u.
If you absolutely don't want to use acetone, then soak the heck out of them in warm, soapy water.
The only way I know is to soak them in acetone, because the only other way is to rip them off and that is going to really mess you real nails up. It will also hurt VERY bad. Good luck!
soak them in asatone till they melt...while doing that...take a pop-sickel stick or something like that and rub it in the nail at the same time.....helps to speed it up..
soak your nails in Hot-warm water then get a small peice of plastic like another fake nail or sometihng small u can put under the fake nai slide it between the fake and real nail. make sure its about ahs long as ur nails or it might tear your original nail a bit at the tip.

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