Friday, May 14, 2010

What if your husband wanted you to wear long fake nails?

Like these:鈥?/a>

What if he wanted the nails filed sharp like claws and for you to scratch him with them? How would you feel about this? Would you do it for him?What if your husband wanted you to wear long fake nails?
i would do it if it made my man happy, i love the feeling of my nails ripping his skin from his back when we make loveWhat if your husband wanted you to wear long fake nails?
That would require for me to be attracted to him. And I find my husband repulsive because he's an alcoholic a**hole. So to be honest, if he asked me to do that I would laugh in his face and assume he's just drunk.
There is no way that I would ever want nails that long. They would break too easily and you could not do anything with them. I use to wear artificial nails but not that long.
Gross! I don't know any men who'd like that. My husband hates fake nails, or anything fake for that matter. He can't even stand it when I get my nails polished.
THose are disgusting I never liked nail like that. But if my husband wanted me to than I probably would but just for a night than take them off.
he'd be outta luck.......never wore those things they ruin your natural nails and you can end up with nail fungus if you are not careful.
Have you seen what those things do to ur real nails?? I would say no %26amp; tease him with inappropriate jokes of edward scissorhands lol....
spice it up, sound like your husband is getting bored.
if it makes he happy wear them...
Are you a troll? WTF!
No I wouldn't, they are to long. I wouldn't be able to do the simplest of things.
id kill him! %26gt;:)

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