Monday, May 10, 2010

Has anyone ever put fake nails over a fingernail that was smashed?

I am getting married Feb 7th and have a little problem. I smashed my finger at work and of course its my ring finger. Well as of right now the bottom half of the fingernail is still there, there is a big hole in the middle, where it is starting to come off, and the top part is still connected. I didn't know if I could put acrylics on it or not. Just wondering if anyone ever has?Has anyone ever put fake nails over a fingernail that was smashed?
1. Professional nail tech best bet as they will have experience in many repairs. I've had repairs done several times using things like glue, acrylic, etc. They'll know best and can execute the repair better than you could at home.

2. Silk wraps, bio gel and acrlyic fill and/or tips or whole nails are all potential fixes.

3. There are heavy duty nail repair liquids, like polish; mostly from Sally Hansen.

4. My wife %26amp; I have have had many nail injuries fixed over the years by good nail tech and it usually works great.Has anyone ever put fake nails over a fingernail that was smashed?
have you ever heard of silk nail wraps i remember once i broke my nail in half and rather than rip it off i covered it with a nail wrap ,they strengthan the nails and repare damage to the nail ,they work great i got mine from a shopping channel a couple of years back but they dont sell them anymore but i know you can get them over the internet just search in google, you could put one of those over the hole and then have acrylics done over it, it should be fine.

(good luck on your wedding day! Anna.x
A friend of mine did a few years ago when she ripped most of her fingernail off by accident.

She said it hurt so bad, she was in so much pain until it grew back.. So I'd go against it, but really, all you can do is ask someone who professionally does nails. I'm sure you have a nail salon somewhere local, they know what they're talking about.

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