Monday, May 10, 2010

How long do fake nails last for?

I just got some today at a salon. I bite my nails, and they were about a centimeter off the skin of my fingers. i haven't chewed on them lately, and I am not going to, so how long will they last for? Thanks! (Without them getting all nasty and moldy) lolHow long do fake nails last for?
They are it there best for 2 weeks, after that is when things go downhillHow long do fake nails last for?
I've had mine last up to two weeks, but they needed filled in by then. It all depends on how active you are. I'm a firefighter and after two days, I broke almost all mine off, and they hurt really bad and my nails were very brittle after that. If you let them go and you are careful, they should last about two weeks, and when you go back to get them filled, you can have them cleaned and repainted too. Be sure to clean under them every day so you don't get any sort of fungus under them!
3 weeks to a month.. but you can take them off with this special remover
About 3 weeks to a month, next time get a fill-in for your nails. But stop chewing them and don't put them in water so much.
2 weeks should do...then you'll need a filling...but if ur hands are constantly in water(cleaning, washing alot of dishes...etc..) then they will start looking pretty nasty and moldy before the 2 weeks...
3 weeks

3 weeks

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