Friday, May 14, 2010

What brand of fake nails should I wear?

I'm a muslim so I want fake nails that I can take off before I praying and put them back on after I'm finished praying.What brand of fake nails should I wear?
ummm.... i d k just go to cvs i see them there all the time.........What brand of fake nails should I wear?

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don't wear fake nails germs can get on them and go start to your nail and makes you get sick and you could die.
just get them done at the salon
Don't you think that GOD sees you before and after you pray and sees that you are wearing those sinful nails??

I would not tempt fate and just keep wrapped up tight in a beekeeper outfit and forget about nails. It will catch up with you in the end if you are vein. You need to pray more and ask for forgiveness
Fake nails are tacky.

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