Friday, May 14, 2010

What's the best way to take fake nails off?

I got my nails done for the first time about 2 weeks ago. I don't want to get them filled but I don't want to go in and have them take them off. Is there any way to do it at home? Anything I can buy to help or something? Thanks!What's the best way to take fake nails off?
use pure acetone, the nail polish remover with acetone in it isnt strong enough, it will take FOREVER. acetone takes a long time too though. i've found the easiest way to get them off is to just file them down and let them grow out. they will be easier to pop off in a few weeks and they wont cause quite as much damage as trying to pop them off now, since they will slowly become detached from your real nail.What's the best way to take fake nails off?
Paint thiner!!!!!!!!!! Good luck jus remeber to put on lotion after that stuff drys your hands out bad
its hard but just like pop them off!!!
soak your nails in pure acetone (found next to nail polish remover).
soak them in nail polish remover or a product like Acetone based ..Also there is a product in the sally hassen line that could also help you in removing your fake nails
when you get them taken off at nail salons they have you hold your fingers in a bowl of nailpolish weakens the glue and then you can pop them off can use a nail file (not an embry board) and kind off pop them off or you can use your fake nails....

also go to walmart or some place and buy some sally hansen strong growth nails and apply that daily to get your nails to grow faster and stronger.
soak them in nailpolish remover until you can pull them off easily.
There are products on the market that can take them off! Go to Target or Walmart and check out the nail polish section.
you need something acetone to soak them off . this is the best thing i have mne done regularly.

you can buy in the chemist or boots soak them dont pick them.

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