Monday, May 10, 2010

How much do fake nails cost at a salon?

My friend and I really want to get our nails done but we don't want the acrylic ones (they're too much work to keep up). So we thought the fake nails would work better for us. How much do they cost on average?How much do fake nails cost at a salon?
i think around 拢15 in cheap shops but in sumwere like debenhams then around 拢30 or maybe even more...How much do fake nails cost at a salon?
To put a new set on it is 30.00 .To get them filled in each month it is 20.00.I get mine done at La nails in Ohio.

around 25 bucks

and a buck per designe per nail

so ya

it can end up quite pricey
buy them from a store for like $1

if im wrong sorry. my lil sister wears fake nails, that is how much they cost, but she is 10. i dont wear them. i like to use my hands too much
25$ w/color 30$ w/ french
When i get my nails done it usually cossts around $25-$30 dollars. Hope this helps!!!!!
Fake nails and acrylic nails are pretty much the same with the amount of upkeeping. Usually, most salons put fake nails and acrylics or UV gels on. If you are getting them done at the salon, it will average anywhere from $15 to $30 bucks. Most salons also offer silk tips, which many of my friends prefer. But again, they all take the same amount of time for upkeeping. Manicure, perhaps?
Well, it depends on what nail salon you go to, most on them it cost about $23 , but if you get Different colored nails it cost about $30.
At the salon acrylic nails are the cheapest basically costing $20 and up. More natural nails are solar nails, gel nails, or if you have nails and you want to make them longer try the silk wrap on your nails. These cost a lot. I think that if you are talking about the nails that you can get at your local drug store like CVS, Walgreen's, Rite Aid etc. etc. They don't cost much but they do pop off so if you are just going to an event they may work for you.
30 dollars is what I know of

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