Monday, May 10, 2010

Do i need to take my fake nails off for surgery?

I just got my nails done yesterday; i got acrylics. I am also getting surgery tomorrow and am getting anesthesia for it. Do i have to take off my acrylics for some kind of medical reason? Please explain to me if i need to remove them or just some of them, and why i would need to do this. Also what are the bad effacts of not removing them?Do i need to take my fake nails off for surgery?
The main reason to have them off is so that your anesthesiologist can see the true color of your fingernails. This is an indicator of whether you have adequate oxygen levels in your body.

They may be able to look at your toenails instead.


good luck with your surgery. I hope it goes well.Do i need to take my fake nails off for surgery?
You could remove one. The reason you shouldn't wear them is they look at your fingertips to see if you are getting enough O2. Not enough and your fingertips will turn blue. They will most likely give you oxygen anyway. Call the hospital where you are having the surgery and double check with them on their policy.
they should tell you

when i go for surgery ( i have surgery every 6 weeks on scars from a wreck )

they tell me not to wear anything on my nails because the color of your nails during surgery has something to do with your temperature or something

the pink tones in your nails is important, thats all i know

have surgery a lot! lol i would NOT wear them
I dont see why you would have too.

The best option is ringing the hospital upp and ask them.

But i am pretty sure that they would be no problem at all.

i think that the only problem you would have if you were having surgery on your hand or nails, but if not then you dont have too take them off.

Good luck in surgery. x
Depends on the type of surgery. Some surgeries make you remove all nail polish to make sure your nails don't change colors because thats a sign of something wrong. If your doctor hasn't said anything about taking off all nail polish, then you should be fine.
You would need to contact your doctor or surgeon. In most cases only the pointer finger nail on both hands need to be removed, this is because the doctors put the oxygen monitor on that finger. The acrylic sort of works as a block for the monitor to get a good reading
ABSOLUTELY YES YES YES. Take them off, or else somebody will take them off for you.

Your circulation is often tested by merely pressing down on your nails until they blanch, then letting go in order to see how quickly the capillaries refill.
Well it depends on where they do the surgery and who is doing it. A lot of doctors don't like having their patients wear then during surgery. Just ask your doctor. that is the only way to get a 100% yes or no answer.
Never heard of having to take off fake nails before. Wash your hands, and should not be a problem.

You aren't having your hands amputated I hope.
unless the surgery you are having is directly related to your fingernails then they should stay put....
Nope. I had mine on during a c-section and an ovarian cyst removal. Nobody ever told me anything. :)
no, its fine.

just let the doctor know you have them.. if it was a major prob, they wouldnt do anything with you.

but im pretty sure theyre okay :)
It would depend on the type of surgery you're having.
no im pretty sure you dont need to

because when i was getting surgery they didnt tell me i needed to.
I don't think it will make a difference if you do or not so keep em on and as em at the hospital when you get there
um why would you? unless like youre getting some kind of surgery on your hands i dont see any reason why you would.
what are you having surgery for?
ask your doctor.
i wouldnt think you would have to take your nails off....who knows these days lol

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