Friday, May 14, 2010

How easily do fake nails come off?

Do the glued ones last longer?How easily do fake nails come off?
The glue on ones, only last for a day or two, depending on if you plan to be very careful with your hands (which is practically impossible, seeing as a person uses them every five seconds).

Acrylics are the best, they last about a month. HOWEVER, they ruin your real nails. And you run the risk of getting an infection in your nail bed from the tools that the nail place uses. And they can be very painful to get off. A friend had a nail actually RIP off of her finger WITH the plastic one... Very painful.How easily do fake nails come off?
If you are just glueing tips on, I don't see how they last longer than acrylic ones. The acrylic ones can be weakend by soaking in acetone (polish remover). Once you weaken then you can clip them and use something like a nail tip and try to pry off from between the natural nail and the fake nail.
The glued ones won't last that long, maybe a week depending on what you're doing with your hands, but that's what you get for something that cost 拢3. My thumb nail came off while I was carrying a rucksack and the nail got wedged with one of the carry straps and popped off. The professional ones are supposed to last for weeks, though I've never had them.
Nope the glue ones do not last longer than the ones you get done at the salon because they use a special glue.

But the way I take them off I get any type of card, (credit card, library card, etc.) and then i take it of from the bottom of the nail. It does hurt a little bit, but you have to stand the pain! Hope I helped!
the glue on ones pretty much suck, go with acrylic. they last a long time, %26amp; even when they atrt to wear down, just go back to the salon %26amp; get a fill in. when you do that they look brand new again. but if you want them off, use nail polish remover with acetone %26amp; soak your nails in them until they are loose enough to pop off. it works, but no matter what your nails will be damaged afterwards.
the glued one (like at the store) don't last long but i don't know how they come off cuz i've never used them. Acrilics last really long but OWWWWWWW it hurts to take them off and i will never get them because when my mom got them they broke down her nails. i'd just let your nails grow out.
yes gluded ones last longer.. well to make them come up, you have to soak them in hot water. it works 100%, thats what i do.

taking off fake nails can damage your real nails... it's not always good, but you can still give the hot water a try, if you really needs it to come off right away.
acrylics will last you the longest but they are also the hardest to come off but press on ones dont last that long
acrylics will last the longest but can be painful to remove and will damage your real nail.

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