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Do you have to have fake nails for a french manicure?

My mom won't let me have fake nails. So I need to need to know. She won't because it ruins the real nail. Or at least thats what she said.Do you have to have fake nails for a french manicure?
No, you don't, you just have to have them long enough to paint the tipsDo you have to have fake nails for a french manicure?
As far as potentially ruining your real nails, your mother is correct. Having ';fake'; nails attached weakens the underlying natural nail - sometimes permanently.

That being said, you do not need fake nails to get a french manicure. I do not have fake nails and I sometimes get a french manicure. You just have to have your natural nails long enough for the manicurist to paint the tip.
Having fake nails are great because the French Manicure looks fantastic, and it's so easy to apply them. However, it really does ruin your real nails. Because of the glue, when you try to remove it, it scraps and destroys the nail. Anyways, you don't necessarily need to get fake nails to have a French Manicure. You can just paint them that way.

First, cute your nails to a decent length. You don't want them stubby short, and you don't want them to be disgustingly long. Next, you need to file them, to make them nice and smooth. Then, you need to push back your cuticles. Finally, you needa put on a base coat.

Next, after the base coat is dried, apply a soft pink nail polish. It's a good idea to apply a second coat.

Then, your going to need to have patience and time, because next, you hafta apply the white tip. It's not as hard as it seems. But if you only have a certain amount of time, and little patience, it's going to be hard. Get a WHITE nail polish. NOT CREAM!! Cream will come up too like and you'll be able to see it though the other nail polish. Start from the left corner of your nail, and work it going across.

Finally, after that's done drying, apply a top coat, to prevent it from chipping, and to keep it shiny and lasting long.

Hope it helps ! :]

Well some people believe the glue is good for your nails.

Cough Its just super glue so it does ruin your real nails.

Hell people just wear them for style!

Any who either grow out your nails alittle so they can have a little tip. They don't have to be long.

Or you can try ever last french nails although they are fake nails they aren't like the others. Just snap on a go!
You can pick up the nail polish kits @ Walmart or any drug store. you do have to have some length to your real nails to make it look right, but not a lot of length is needed.
I never use fake nails, If your nails are long enough buy a french manicure set that's what I use on my nails. Doesn't damage them %26amp; is cheaper that going to a professional %26amp; paying for fake nails.
No you can just paint them, however it'll probably chip off faster that's why some people think its better to do it with fake nails. But you can do them on your real nail.
lol no!!! fake nails are out anyway. and yes, they do ruin the real nail over time.

If you get french tips, most teens get them.

They take white polish over the tip of your nail.

No fakes needed, and its still a french.
no, you can paint them the way it is. i paint my nails french mainucure all da time n it looks real cute! ( i have short nails). gudd luck!
yes you can have fake nails 4 a french manicure. to make them look '; real'; i wouldnt have it to long
No. They can paint the white tips on your real nails. Doesn't last half as long though.
I just grow my nails out naturally.

They look great as long as you file your nails and try and keep them even.
no u can just paint them like that
no, didn't you just buy a set at walgreens?

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