Monday, May 10, 2010

How do you get fake nails off?

I got a set of Frnech nails done for my wedding three weeks ago. Im not used to having nails, as mine are usually kept short. I dont want to get them filled, I just want them off. Is there a way to do it other than rip them off? None of them seem to be budging. I've tried Nail polish remover, but no luckHow do you get fake nails off?
When I got my done and wanted them off I soaked cotton balls in nail polish remover, placed them on the nails and wrapped tin foil around them so they nail polish remover would get into the fake nails.

Worst case scenario, if you go to any nail salon they can remove them for you (but for a small fee, of course).How do you get fake nails off?
soak them in warm-hot water for up to 5 mins, then try peeling them off. if that doesnt work, try putting a cuticle softener or just a hand lotion all up and under the nails then get a pair of nail clippers and get the cleaner part out and try to pry them off while they are moistened. GOOD LUCK[: and congrats on the marriage.
Well, I heard soaking your hand in nail polish remover for while works. My cousin's girlfriend went to the nail place to get hers off because she didn't like how they looked. (She picky) After 3 weeks mine start coming off anyway, so, I haven't tried any of those. Just from what I hear and know from others.
as gross as this might sound,

chew them off.

on the side of your nail,

there should be a little gap between your real nail and the fake nail and if you just kinda nibble at the fake nail for a bit,

the glue will loosen up and it'll come off.

might take a while but it works.
i know im a guy but ive head from other girls that u can go to the nail salon and they can do it for u or put nail polish remover in like a bowl and dip ur hands in it and leave it there until it is gone.
get some acetone and SOAK them in a bowl, and wipe w/ cotton ball/pads.file to get esess. it takes a while if you dont want to go get them took off.Don,t everripe them off it hurts and part of your nail may come off or brek way low in the bed.
you can use nail polish remover, hot water or go to a salon but it will cost you. you can also check out this website:

soak ur hands in nail polish remover. the nails will feel softer and ';melted'; after a while. then it'll be easier for u to just peel it off like that.
soak them in nail polish remover for an hour and rip them off. or go to someone who does nails.
my friend soaks them in nail polish remover or acetone.. .. works for her.. i normally just file them down .. (the top of the nails)
I would soak your hands in hot water and see if that helps.
Use hot water easiest way to solve most problems.

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