Monday, May 10, 2010

How can I remove my fake nails?

I have had my nails done professionally now, for about. I REALLY need a fill, but I can't afford it, and I think it's time to let my nails breathe. I can't afford to pay someone to remove them for me, so what's a safe, inexpensive, painless way of removing my nails?How can I remove my fake nails?
If you wear false nails, then one of the biggest perils can come when it comes to actually taking off the nails, as this can damage the real nails if not done carefully.

The fake nails can also be hard to remove - good at most times, but annoying when you actually want them to come off! Here's what to do.

First off, soak in nail polish remover until they are loose and start to peel. Otherwise you will hurt nails - certainly never, ever use brute force.

The bottom line is that you must just soak and wait. There is no other way. Also ensure that between uses of fake nails you allow the real nails to breathe for at least a couple of weeks.How can I remove my fake nails?
First cut the fake nails as short as possible (it's really important), and then soak your nails completely in acetone. While your nails are soaking brush them gently with a plastic nail brush or you can use a hard toothbrush. It is safer if you are in a well ventilated area, and away from any open flame.

Good luck.
nail polish remover

soak your nails in them till they are soft and tham pull them off
soak them in acetone
make sure the nail polish remover has acetone! that's what takes them off!
Just use acetone nail polish remover and the nails will come off. It's quite easy. Don't be surprised if your nails are in pretty bad surprise after using fake nails for quite awhile. Your real nails will grow out correctly after awhile, just give it time.
use acetone, Just dip them in it and take them off, you can get it at any drug store.
try pure acetone, i've done it.
try nail polish remover with works every time!~
dip the in polish remove they disolve
get a glass..or something you can fill finger-nail polish with, and then dip your fingers in it from anywhere between half a minute, to a minute. hopefully that helps you!
Soak them in acetone, or if you can't find any pure, try polish remover with acetone... it will work too it just takes longer. Thats the only way to do it without damaging your nails.

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