Monday, May 10, 2010

Is it worth it to get fake nails taken off at the salon?

I decided I dont want acrylic nails anymore. Last time I took them off myself, they were all thin and peeling, it looked gross. When you get the acrylic taken off at the salon, do they actually do something other than just take them off to make the natural nail underneath look better?Is it worth it to get fake nails taken off at the salon?
if its a good nail salon they wont actually remove them. when i wanted mine off the salon filed them right down to my natural nail length and blended the bottom in, then left them to grow out, this keeps the natural nail underneath protected, the only way to salvage nails that have had acrylics on is too grow them out.Is it worth it to get fake nails taken off at the salon?
nope they sure don't all they do is take a tip and push it between your nail and the acrylic to pop it off... and it hurts! at least when you do it yourself if you need to take a second bc it hurts you can...Your better off to save the couple of bucks do it yourself
i think it is less painful to have them taken off at the salon. i think they even them out better too. however, your nails will still be thin and peel for a while from the damage of fake nails. i wore acrylic nails for about a year and my real nails have never been the same.
no they don't... the best thing to do is get a bowl of hot water (as hot as you can stand) and add some nail varnish remover ..... soke your nails for about 20 minutes and then they should just pop off :).... put a layer of nail strengthener on them after... :), hope it helps xD

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