Friday, May 14, 2010

What solution could I use to get my fake nails off?

My nails are somewhat sore and I snag them on everything. What will get them off without going to the nail salon again.What solution could I use to get my fake nails off?
Girl - do not pop your nails off!

I agree that 100% acetone is the way to go. It stinks, and it takes a while, but your nails won't look like they've just been run through a cheese grater when you're done.

Something you can do to keep the smell down and to give yourself a bit more freedom is to rip 6 inch squares of aluminum foil, then soak a cotton ball in acetone, lay it on the top of your nail, and wrap the fingertip in aluminum foil. The foil holds the cotton in place, the cotton holds the acetone to your nail, and you get results without having to sit still for 40 minutes.What solution could I use to get my fake nails off?
put your hands in hot water for 5mins and pop them off
If you have acrylic over your fake nails, go to a beauty supply store and get 100% pure acetone, not nail polish remover with acetone. Cut the nails down to the base. Pour some acetone in a glass or ceramic bowl and soak your fingertips. It takes some time, but if you use an orange stick (for pushing your cuticles back) you can start to lift the acrylic off of your nail without harming them. When you have soaked them all off, make an appointment at your nail salon to get a basic manicure.
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