Monday, May 10, 2010

Can you cut fake nails with nail clippers????!!?

i bought some fake plastic nails and they are WAAAAAAAAY too long.

it takes forever to try and file them down!!!

can you cut fake nails with nail clippers????!!Can you cut fake nails with nail clippers????!!?
Yes, you can clip fake plastic nails with nail clippers. After clipping them, I would file them on the tips to smooth them out and prevent them from getting caught on stuff.

However, acryilic nails done professionally are best to be done by filing because clipping them can cause them to crack because they are so hard.

I hope this helped and I hope your nails turn out beautifully!Can you cut fake nails with nail clippers????!!?
You can, but it will probably pull on your nail bed %26amp; not feel very good. You have to be really careful when you clip them though, because otherwise you might make the edges way too jagged. I believe if you use toenail clippers you will have better results, because they are bigger and will clip easier. You are still going to have to file them after, but at least they will be down to a shorter length.
yes but be sure that the nail clippers arent cheap and they have to be really strong to cut thru something that thick bc the substance nails are made of are much softer and way different than plastic which makes it easier for the nails clippers to go through.... if you have more than 1 set on nail clippers use the newest ones. they should be sharper. hope you can clip 'em!
Not an ideal way, but you can buy some false nail clippers at a reasonable price from some stores, this will fix your problem, otherwise pop yourself into a salon and ask if a therapist would cut them down for you, I would imagine she wouldn`t charge you much,
not really. they are really plasticy. lol if that makes sense.

like it pulls when you try to cut it and leaves white stretch mark looking things on the fake nail.

hope i helped. :)
Yes you can trim them, but its not always a good idea too, because they loose the smoothness to them as they become very sharp. So, I wouldn't recommend it!
Yes, but only a little at a time to be sure they don't crack down the middle.
Yes.It will just be hard.


  1. I have currantly fake nails on, and i am going 2 do just that (trim them). t hass helped me too!