Friday, May 14, 2010

Does having fake nails on for a long time damage your real nails?

Does anyone know if you have fake nails on for a while if it hurts your real nails in any way? I put on some this past weekend (not professional...the kind YOU glue) and my friend this I should get them professionally done because they look good with my long fingers.Does having fake nails on for a long time damage your real nails?

Yes if you wear them often then fake nails do damage your real nails. They make them weak, brittle and can discolour them as well. You'll also end up with the remains of the glue on your nails, which can be a pain to get off without scratching your nails, or making them peel.

Acrylic nails are good now and then, but don't make a habit of it. Why not focus on getting your real nails long and healthy instead?

~Mystic.Does having fake nails on for a long time damage your real nails?
As a manicurist I can say that any damage is temporary. The amount of damage to the existing nail depends on the person doing the fake nails.

Most of the damage occurs when taking the fake nails off. The fake nail is attached to the uppermost layer of the nail. When the fake nail comes off the top layer goes with it so your nails are a bit weak for about 3 months as the nail grows out. The more aggressive you are in removing the fake nails the more damage to the nail.
It will look better than you doing them yourself, but using anything artificial in leu of what your body has naturally is not good for you in the long run. Keeping the nails on for a month or two won't hurt. You will notice you nails under the fake one become thinner. Keeping them in for months and months at a time can put you at risk for a nail fungus and permanently destroy your nail bed. You might also want to bring you own nail filer to the nail shop. The ones some nail shops use are used. They use them on everyone then use it on you (ewww)
yess it really does damage your fingers, if you want long nails, just grow them out, fake nails for a long time can scratch your real ingernails and terar them off, you could get them proffesionally done but chances are, it will still hurt you real nails
As nice as they look they do make the real other nails underneath weak and kinda flimsy but like it comes back fine and as much as it sucks they look nice and as long as you keep the fake ones on you cant tell
No but if you want your nails long why don't you have extensions put on they shouldn't cost too much it depends on where you go.
yea they could make them weak for a little while, but just take prenatal pills they make your nails strong!

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