Friday, May 14, 2010

How can I remove my fake nails?

I have had some fake nails on for about a week. 2 of the nails suddenly fell off and now it looks really weird. I want to remove the other nails, but they are really stuck on there because of the nail glue. I would rather not have to go to the store and buy some expensive product.....if I could use common household products to remove them, that would be great. I don't want to be in a lot of pain or crack my real nails. Any suggestions?How can I remove my fake nails?
I don't know of any household products, so you should go to a local drugstore and buy pure acetone. It's a liquid that has a really strong odor, but it'll take your fake nails off. Just pour the acetone in a bowl and let your fingertips soak in there for a couple of minutes. The acetone makes the fake nails soft, and thus, easier to remove. Acetone is pretty inexpensive. Plus they usually come in different size bottles. I would just buy the smallest one they have cuz you only need enought to soak your fingertips.

But I'd also suggest buying a nail buffer if you don't already have one. Acetone can make your real nails kinda weak/brittle. When I use acetone, I make sure to buff my nails once I've removed the fake nails. Then I usually put lotion or a cuticle cream on my nails.How can I remove my fake nails?
yu should go to the salon and buy 100% acetone, because regular nail polish remover acetone only contains about 62.5% of acetone and that's not strong enough, then once you've purchased it, take a disposable deep plate, place acetone, and dip your nails in, it should take about 1/2 an hour, for quicker results file your nails before applying the acetone.
dip them in hot water, and use something like a tool in nail clippers, and go around the edges to loosen the nail, then slowly take it off.
Go to a beauty supply store and buy Acetone. It's not expensive and it just melts the fake nails. It's up to you to remove the excess.
You can easily get them removed at the salon, which is usually 5$
put acetone on cotton balls then put the cotton ball on your nail and wrap it in aluminum wait a couple of minutes then just peal the rest off.
dip your nails in water for 10 minutes, and they should be easier to get off.

or use acetone nail polish removerr
use acitone.. .like whats in nail polish remover
acetone, but becareful when useing it.
go to the end of the nail an if u dont mine pain bite it an it should come of :)
well i just take the fake ones and take the side and pull

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