Monday, May 10, 2010

Is it possible to wear fake nails and not look like a two-dollar stripper?

My nails have split in a million ways and are no longer salvageable. So I bought some to wear just until they get stronger.

So, what do you think, how can I wear them without looking like a hooker or one of the women from Real Housewives of Orange County?Is it possible to wear fake nails and not look like a two-dollar stripper?
i only think they look stripper or porn star looking if they are too long

im cheap though so i buy the $6 ones at the drugstore (only the brand KISS though)

and they look very good..last a week so they dont start to look yuckyIs it possible to wear fake nails and not look like a two-dollar stripper?
the fake ones that you buy in a package %26amp; glue on fall off extremly easy.

you can go to a nail salon and get not so long tips %26amp; you wont look like a hooker! =) i used to have tips done all the time.

when you have tips on your nails grow alot too.

but when they come off use that nail strenghining polish to make them stronger because the tips make them fragile
i actually had the same issue about 3 months nails were splitting and i didnt think there was a way to salvage them. if you put super glue on them, it helps a lot. i usually put a coat of superglue, then clear coat. i also buy white paint at walmart and paint them to look like french tips myself. while my nails heal, they also look good! also, if you get vitamin e gel tablets, you can break them and rub the gel over your nails. it also helps a lot!

try geting them done at a salon.

they may cost a little more but they last longer and actually look cute.

i had mine done about 2 years ago and it looked cute.

but when i got them off my nails were REALLY thin and breakable so if they are thin now dont get the fake ones.

you can get some nail strengthening polish or get a french manicure at a salon
just keep them short.

i get mine done every 2 weeks and i keep them short and usually get a light pink or a french manicure.

just dont pick bright/hot colors that catch peoples attention.

that should be fine.

and you DO know that they are probably going to ruin your real nails, correct?
The acrylics that you get at the salon are better. The ones from the box start chipping and look ghetto after a few days. The acrylics will last for weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow. And they are usually around 25 - 30 bucks for french tips.
it depends on the quality and length of the nail.

but looking like a two dollar stripper can be easily done.

if i were you, i would trim them or file them to a not noticeable length.
File them down so there not like extremely long like a strippers and get the natural looking ones not the ones with eighty different designs on them.
Uhhh, they don't look bad as long as they aren't those super long ones. LOL. And no creepy/crazy/hooker designs. Just simple or a french manicure is fine. :)
just do whatever you want and don´t worry about what anyone may think, but if you´re still worried about it, just use some discrete color and no one will think bad about it, good luck
I think keeping them short with a french manicure would look nice and non-striper like.

If you clip them down short and put a french manicure on them, they will look a lot more classy.
i don't think that you will look like a hooker, but fake nails usually ruin your natural nails

and not the long *** ghetto ones.

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