Friday, May 14, 2010

Whats the best kind of fake nails to get?

What is the best type of fake nail to get? Solar, gel or silk? any tips?Whats the best kind of fake nails to get?
honestly fake nails are not good at all you can get germs or infections and all sorts of things .your natural nails will look beautiful if theyre strong long and you take care of them ..fake nails are a waist of money they ruin your nails.Whats the best kind of fake nails to get?
I have a condition with my nails and I cannot grow long healthy nails. I have to use fakes. That was not the answer to the question it was your opinion.

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get gels... they are the best
I like solar! They look the realist and they last the longest.
get the salon done ones!


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