Friday, May 14, 2010

How short can you get your fake nails?

I want to get my nails done soon but I can't ahve my nails very long since I tend to use my hands ALOT, so i'll want the fake nails to be kind of short. Is that possiable? Or should i just go get a mani and pedi? But the thing is my nails are already REALLY short and i dont want to wait till they grow to the length I want. Thanks for your helps guys!!How short can you get your fake nails?
Clipping you fake nails can be tricky, especially if you have never done it before. If not done carefully enough, (and depending on the type) they could crack and look really bad. You can get your fake nails as long or short as you prefer, so if you want them only slightly longer than your natural nails, then you can get them to where you can barely even see them over your fingers if you turn them facing away from you. After you have them awhile, though, you get used to them and can fully function normally with them. :D Hope I helped!!!How short can you get your fake nails?
ywah you can get them short ive gotten them really short,they ask you how long or how short do you want them and you just tell them and theyll cut the acrylic nail where ever u want them to cut it at.鈥?/a>
You can clip your fake nails to the desired length
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