Monday, May 10, 2010

Do you think those fake nails for a kitten are a good idea?

My friends kitten has sharp nails but instead of cutting them which im sure she would never do, she bought those fake nails they have for cats...almost like nail protectors......Has anyone ever used them and are they good?Do you think those fake nails for a kitten are a good idea?
We tried those once. Our cats just spent the next few hours chewing/pulling them off. They seemed to enjoy it.

Anyway, you have to clip the nails when you use the fake nails, so you don't end up avoiding the clipping chore.Do you think those fake nails for a kitten are a good idea?
Are you talking about soft paws??? Yes I have used them for a few months to get kittens thru the crazy stage. I had 4 kittens at once! One used to attack my new bed and tore up the whole under skirt of the bed and then started clawing on the corner of the bed. The other kittens were attacking my brand new couches :( Hellions I say but love them :) I got soft paws (pick your color) Make sure you get the right sized nail set and they apply easily with glue. Drys quick like crazy glue. The first initial putting the soft paws on is costy but after that its not. They come off every now and then and just apply a new one. Directions of applying them come with the package. Soft paws are great and safe. Great for getting the hellions thru there kitten stage when you have new furniture :) As for taking them off the cat, they will fall off on there own when the nail sheds like they normaly do
yea and then you can give it a manicure and pedicure and then take the kitty to get a massage and then get new hair do and high lights in his fur
I'm assuming you are talking about SoftPaws. I used them before. They work quite well really. It's a very humane alternative to declawing.
Good luck getting the cat to sit still long enough for the application. She should get a lesson or two from the vet on cutting the nails since that is relatively simple to do. (You have to make sure you don't cut them too far down because they will bleed.) I have three cats and I cut their nails myself. They don't like it but they let me do it.
I know a lot of pple who use them, they don't last real long put if she wants to sit there and put them on every 3 weeks, I say go for it.

Although if she is doing this she needs to cut the nail before putting a new set on. with the caps on the cat has no way of shedding them.
This is so stupid!! If she can't trim them herself, take the cat to a vet to have it done!!

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