Friday, May 14, 2010

How do you get off fake nails?

How do you easily get off fake nails? Like ones you get done professionally.How do you get off fake nails?
soak your nails in a nail polish remover that contains acetone. it will soften the nails and they will start to kinda melt off.

good luck.How do you get off fake nails?
Soak in acetone. It takes a while though and will be messy as the acrylic disintegrates.
go to walmart and get nail remover (fake nail) follow the directions and don't try to pull or pry them off.
Either regular finger nail polish or go out and buy some acidtone.
Get some nail polish remover with acetone and soak each one in it for a couple of minutes and they generally come off pretty easy. Also try using fingernail clippers to help you take them off after you soak them. could just go to any nail salon and they will take them off for you, usually for around 5 bucks. So, that saves you the time and hassle of having to go buy the remover and taking them off yourself.
soak them in PURE acetone ( a big bottle canbe found at any beauty supply store for less than $5) dont use regular nail polish remover...they normally put so many other chemicals in it that is is not as strong (pure acetone is what they use at the salons as well)

any small pieces that are stuck to your nail after you soak them can be pulled off with clippers....the nail will be soft and not hurt when you pull them off
they have this new acetone thing... you should try it
Soak them in Fingernail Polish remover with Acetone.. :-)
with fake nail remover.
Soak in nail polish remover.
stick ure hands in hot water, the glue loosens and then justpull them off, it works on me and never hurts.
Soak your fingers in warm water then get a nail cuticle pusher and peel em off.
just soak your nails in nail remover!
Fake nails need to be chewed off, no other way!
it takes a little while and patience. the best thing to do is let them grow out a good bit as if you would really need a refill. get some ascetone (make sure that its 100%). soak one hand at a time and just let them sit there. eventually they will loosen up and you will be able to grab them at the opening and lift them up with nail clippers. be takes a long time. after you have them all off...make sure that you put lotion on your hands because of the acetone.
whatever you do, DON'T try just taking them off. it will screw u your nails and just look bad.

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