Friday, May 14, 2010

How do i remove my fake nails?

i got my fake nails on last week and im trying to take them off now. i already removed one on my thumb nail and it damaged it. it is now cut really short and bleeding a bit. i researched a bit and they said to use acetone but i dont have any. will warm water work?How do i remove my fake nails?
No warm water will not work. You need the Acetone. Do you have any nail polish remover? Check and see if it has acetone in it, there are Non-acetone and Acetone polish removers. If you do have some acetone polish remover it should be strong enough to soak your nails in. The nail will sslowlymelt and you can scrape the melted aacrylicoff every few minutes til it is completely off. Other than that, if you need them off now and can't go to a salon, you can pop them off. I do not advise that. It seriously damages your nails and you will have horrible looking nails until the nail grows out.How do i remove my fake nails?
no. You have to use acetone, and even that doesnt work very well. Go back to the salon and have them removed, painlessly. Or take something thin, like a metal nail file or toothpick and try to seperate the acrylic from you natural nail and pry it off.... IT HURTS. You best bet is to just leave them on until they start to grow out and the acrylic loosens.
Put finger nail polish in a bowl. The stick your hands in it and rub it all around and underneath the fake nails. Then you can easily pull them off.
get a bottle of pure acetone ... or nail polish that has acetone in it and soak your nails in it for about a half hour or 45 minutes ... they will start to disintegrate and you can wipe it off ... xo
You need to remove them with professional strength acetone or go to a nail salon and have them remove them. If you continue all your nails are going to be damaged and painful. Good Luck!
nail polish remover usually helps take the nails off.
your real nails will be damaged even after you take the fake nails off. try soaking them in nail polish that might work. thats what I used.
use acetone nail polish remover and if you don't feel that safe go back to the shop to get them removed
Do you have any nail polish remover? Because that contains a bit of acetone. Hot water wont work

i've never had fake nails, but my friend does a lot and she said nail polish remover gets it off.

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