Monday, May 10, 2010

How can I remove fake nails without acetone?

I'm trying fake nails for the first time, but I want to make sure that I'll be able to get them off. I'm doing them myself, so they're the plastic glue-on kind, not the salon sort. The problem is, we don't have any acetone, only non-acetone nail polish. Is there anything else that would take them off that I'm likely to have in my house? Rubbing alcohol? Hydrogen peroxide?How can I remove fake nails without acetone?
You can get a cuticle stick and insert it under the corner where the false nail meets the base of your real nail. Then lightly use it as a lever to remove the false nail. This should work and without much pain as long as you haven't used lots of glue and it means you can re use them. I wore them last Haloween when I was a gothic vampire, painted black.How can I remove fake nails without acetone?
this sounds madd crazy but if you clip the top a little it should crack some and try to ease it off your natural nail
You don't have any nail polish remover? I did fake nails at a party once and even with acetone they were hard to get off and hurt really bad. And I totally soaked them in the remover. That's something I'm never going to do again. I would go get your nails professionally done, or the fake nails will eventually fall off without help.
Soak your nails in warm water, and then nail polish remover. That should do it. You might need to tug lightly on them, but not so hard so its hurts.

Good Luck
soak them in warmish hot water...and then you have to kinda pull them off...

or you gotta use acetone
soak them in warm water for a little while and then pull them off
u should go buy some nailpolish remover with acetone in it

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