Friday, May 14, 2010

When getting fake nails done is there a difference between tips and have the over lay?

i would like to have mine done but I dont want my natural nails cut or filed down.

can this be done?When getting fake nails done is there a difference between tips and have the over lay?
If you already have long nails, they can just put the acrylic on top of your nails and paint them however you want them. If you want white tips they can paint them that way for you. I get mine done like that alot because I don't have to worry about popping a tip off. It is my real nail underneathe the acrylic. I hope this helps you!When getting fake nails done is there a difference between tips and have the over lay?
Yes... But they wont last as long and they have to grind down your real nails anyways to get the acrylic to stick to your nails. So... even if you dont have your nails cut down and plastic tips applied... your real nails are going to be destroyed by the sanding.
tips look way better. just tell who ever is doing then that you dont want them cut of filed. she should be able to do this

Tips are when they place a plastic extension on the tip of your nail to make them longer or make them all the same length. Yes they need to file your nail bed to keep the life of the fake nails. And the reason they cut them down is to prevent fungus growing between your real nail and the fake nail. You will notice for people who have had the fake nails for a long time and their real nails have grown underneath the fake nail the nails are yellow and things get stuck between their.

Over lays are not much better they still need to file your nails and if you real nails are uneven they want to cut them down so the are all the same Lenght since they put the acrylic directly on you nail.

My personal experience with fake nail they are not going to help your nails grow. No matter how long your nail gets under the acrylic or tip once they come off your nails are 10X's weaker the before and depending on how Long you keep doing the fake nail your nails can take months to years to repair themselves.
If you dont want to cut your nails or you dont want to ruin your real nails.If you do your nails will be as thin a just get a manicure,then when youre nails are long.they could put acylic on your real nails.and you just get your real nails filled-in.
any nail extentions will require nails to be filled, the tips, are usually tips attached to the tips of your nail with glue, then acrylic or gel pained over both your nail and the tip to give an even finish, then they are filled to perfect. the overlay is the product used over the nail or the nail and tip, there are products that can be used directly over the natural nail, saving you having your nails filed down.

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