Monday, May 10, 2010

Is there a way to get your fake nails taken off?

I got my nails done by a professional and im not happy. Im thinking of going back and gtting them taken off is there a way to do that?Is there a way to get your fake nails taken off?
There is a way for the nails to be removed. However, it can be painful and tedious.

The nail tech pops off the nails with a plier like tool. An experience tech will alwaya take their time and make sure the process is not too painful for you. Soaking your nails in acetone fluid will also help to soften the nails and make it easier for the tech to pop them off.

Depending on what you did not like about your nails the first time around, this may be a simple fix. The tech may only need to buff the top part of your nail and reapply the nail gel ( acrylic/fibergalss), much like when one gets a fill on a nail set.

Hope that helps!Is there a way to get your fake nails taken off?
yes... rip em' off
Nail polish removers work, but they are not as strong as Acetone.

Nail polish removers are pretty much knock-off versions of Acetone, and are supposed to be used by licensed people or people who know what they're dealing with, ONLY.

Acetone's the best solution, and nail salons have it. (That's what they use)

It would be best if you'd go to a nail salon, because they know how to correctly remove your ';fake nails'; there. If you do it by yourself, you could hurt yourself, and/or damage your real nails. I've seen those kinds of things go really bad when peopel try to remove them, themselves.
Get a SALLY HANSEN product from Del Labs. They have a solution to almost any type of nail problem.
soak them in nail polish remover.
I just took my nails off, and I used Polish Off Artificial Nail Remover by Calico (white bottle) got it from Wal Mart for a little uder $2 buck. It worked reall good and fast, it took maybe an hour I watched a movie while letting them soak and got done before the movie ended.

I don't let the shop do it because they are too rough and the end up breaking my real nails. But the Nail Remover is basically Acetone
yup rip them off
There is indeed a way to have them removed, but don't attempt to do it on your own. See a professional. After your articifical nails have been taken off, natural nails will take quiet sometime to recover. Use a good moisturizer 3-4 times daily because they will be dry and brittle. Moisturizer will help bond natural nail layers together and is also a good idea for people who have never had artifical nails. It keeps nails flexible, making them far less prone to splitting, peeling and breaking. Don't forget about your cuticles and beware of ';nail hardeners'; and ';strengthers'; because they will actually dry out nails further. You may apply a top coat though. Try to use polish remover as little as possible, avoid formulas that contain acetone.
soak them in straight acetone which can be found at your local hardware store . you'll need to soak them for like 30 minutes maybe more. That's how they take them off in the salon!
You can have the salon take them off for you, if you're willing to pay the money for them to do it. They soak your nails in acetone and then gently remove them, but you can do that at home by yourself. You can use nail polish remover with acetone it in, or paint thinner.
you can take them off by yourself but it can be painfull. You need something thin that u can slide between ur natural nail and the fake layer and peel it off that way. You can also go back to the nail professional and they will do the same for you. They can also use a really strong nailpolish to dissolve the nail, or you can buy it for yourself and try on ur own, but it is so strong that if u leave it on for too long it can start dissolving your own nail. Better go to a professional.
It's less painful and less of a hassle to just go to a nail salon and ask for a removal. They do all the work, make your natural nails as healthy as possible for something after that sort of thing, and you just have to sit there. It's not expensive either.

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