Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to get fake nails without the damage?

I dont want the damage. Ive gotten fake nails tons of times and they always ruin your nails so bad. I tried the ones you do yourself and glue on and they fell off in like a day and looked bad. I was wondering if theirs a type of fake nails, that you get in the salon, NOT THE AT HOME GLUE ONS, that won't damage your nails?How to get fake nails without the damage?
you can get the glue on ones, but if you buff your nails after they come off, there wont be any damageHow to get fake nails without the damage?
You could get fake ones at like the drug store. It doesn't include glue, it uses the double sided tape which doesn't leave anything on your nails when you take them off. And your nails wont be weak and brittle when you take these ones off.

I know I always hate when I take the fake ones off, which hurts too., and there all soft and squishy.

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