Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can u get a nail fungus from fake nails?

Yes you can get a nail fungus. The reason why is because you are not letting your own nail to grow with oxygen. Also your nail is weak and brittle. The more you leave fake nails on your own they start to get nasty.Can u get a nail fungus from fake nails?
Yes its totally true

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Can u get a nail fungus from fake nails?
yes i know someone that it happened to
Of course, if they are not clean when you put them on or you don't take proper care of them.
I think so...but don't worry, its a fake fungus!
yes, if they are not clean or the items that they use are not clean,
Most defnitely. Not all nail shops are that sanitary and even done at home, infection can begin under the acrylics. They will also weaken your natural nails.
Omg yes, stay away from fake nails. They're ugly anyway.
Lack of oxygen (nail beds need air, too) and inaccessibility to the nail itself allows microorganisms to multiply and penetrate the natural nail into the nailbed. Remember, the natural nail is permiable to the air.
Well in fact if you don't clean them once every two weeks it could happen
yes acrylic nails cause nail fungus

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