Saturday, January 23, 2010

Have anyone seen fake nails with colored tips?

has anyone seen acrylic nails (sort of like french with white tips) but instead of white tips, they were colored? do you think this looks trashy?Have anyone seen fake nails with colored tips?
Hmmm, thrashy? I don't think so. BUT, it takes a very highly skilled nail technician to do them, AND make them look really good. Not many nail technicians have the skills required to do these, and do them properly. So yes, if a nail tech doesn't have the skills necessary to do a good job on them, they can easily look trashy to some people. It all depends on the technician.

Take a look at these pics. They are some good examples of what I am talking about. They are entirely hand crafted - no airbrushing, or stickers or whatever else.鈥?/a>

(Click on a pic to enlarge it)

For some really great looking nails, look at these. But, take a look at like at least 10-15 pics because they get better as you get further into the slideshow (there are 94 in all). These are nails that were done by a woman in Poland who has won many nail competitions. You are not likely to find someone who can do this type of work at your local nail salon. These are quite exceptional nails and again, each and every one of these is entirely handcrafted.鈥?/a>

Just my opinion...Have anyone seen fake nails with colored tips?
It can look trashy, especially if they're poorly done, or too long. You want to get actual colored tips or have them hand painted--airbrush often looks really uneven and wears off around the edges. I had a nail tech once that special ordered light pink and lavender tips for me, and the color was really subtle, and it looked really nice and elegant.

For Halloween this year, I got acrylics and had the tips painted bright magenta to match my costume. Some people probably thought it looked trashy, but they weren't super long, and I actually got tons of compliments on them, and I loved them.
I really don't like them.
as far as i know its refered to as ';tropical'; i get my nails done that way every time, i have xmas red tips with a black stripe and natural colored nail beds right now :) no its dont look trashy
i think it is fashionable. the new trend this season, per tyra banks on her tv show with the models for the new season, are the black nails with white tips.
No, it doesn't look trashy! I use to get my nails done with the tips pink with glitter! I got a lot of compliments on them. They looked way cute!
they have acrylic nails that you can get air brushed what ever color you want! the white tips look very finished and clean. but ive gotten mine cut short with colored tips and a design. for instance, for the 4th of july, i had red tips with silver white and blue's fun for occasions like that.
trashy for sure.Arnt french is enough??
i did those once...hated it. looks them redone and now i stick with french.
looks trashy better do it at home with reg. nail polish.
I do, I think the normal French manicure is much cleaner and refined.
Yer i seen them, you can get them in beauty stores like boots or superdrug. They look quite funky and different.
My best friend does that its SO cute!! She has the tips red right now for the holiday I like when mine are black though or white! I don't think it looks trashy i think it looks like you have your own since of fashion instead of following the normal trends its good to be yourself so if you like it then do it!

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