Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to remove dirt underneath fake nails?

I was outside moving some of my plants without grass. I have already tried a scrub brush, washing and every other small pointy object I could get a hold to try to remove the dirt, but it still seems to be stuck underneath and showing through my acrylic!How to remove dirt underneath fake nails?
Hand wash some dishes...How to remove dirt underneath fake nails?
The same thing happends to me. you should try getting a tooth pick and removing it that way tats what i do now!! hope this helps. also try wearing gloves while working around dirt. good luck
Try putting some peroxide under them. See if you can get it to boil and that should help to work the dirt out.
take the nails off!
soak it in warm water in shampoo.. n thn clean wid cotton on a tooth pik. or the flat side of metal filer.
a toothpick might help.
toothpick always works for me
i always use a toothpick

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