Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do you remove fake nails?

I got white tips done on my fingernails at a nail salon. Today i broke a nail. I've had my nails for 2 months now, and i was thinking avout getting a fill, when one of fake nails got torn off, and along with it, part of my real nail! Should i take off my fake nails, and if so how?How do you remove fake nails?
soak them in alcohol.How do you remove fake nails?
Alcohol does not work to remove acrylic nails.

Do not chew them off or rip them off.

To start, if the acrylic has a gel coat then you will have to remove that before doing anything else. Take a nail file and file the nails to break the gel seal.

Buy some pure acetone. Pour some into a glass bowl. You can only soak one hand at a time. Soak the nails for about 20 minutes. Without removing the nails from the acetone, use an orangewood stick to scrape off the loosened product. Soak and scrape until all the product is off. You can use a very fine grit buffer to smooth the natural nail when done.
Very simple sugar!

Go buy some Acetone at any grocery store or beauty supply store.

Pour it in a bowl

Grab a pillow

Lay down in front of the TV

Stick your hands in the bowl

Watch your favorite show for 30-45 minutes :)


Best of luck :)
I always pull them but when they hurt i soak them in acetone, the last time i took them of my nails wore really soft and damage you know how they get the line, but i use a nail treatment and my nails look so good now.
you can go to the nail salon to get them removed or you can soak them in acetone. When you do that you have to work them off with a little nail tool....i think its better to get them taken off professionally
Yeah you should. Start by biting the side of them. Eventualy they will start to peel off. It will hurt because they super glued em but beauty must suffer. :D
soak them in acetone!!!!!
I got mine done for grad and I just got them taken off at the salon... it cost $21, but it was worth it because they were looking gross ;)
Krisgal00 is right, it will work like a charm.

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