Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do I make fake vampire fangs using fake nails?

Do I cut them or bend them? How do I make them look sharp? Is there something else I can use besides Poligrip to get the teeth to stick?How do I make fake vampire fangs using fake nails?
If you really want to waste a few hours of your time im sure you could find a way. But really buying a set a fangs is going to work out to be cheaper, safer, and work better.

Fangs are only 10-17 dollars, a totally reasonable investment considering a set of nails is at least 5 bucks and polygrip is 3 dollars a tube.

Find a decent set of fangs and if you follow the instructions well you'll have a set that you can wear a few times. Any halloween store will have several different styles. Spencers and Hot Topic both also carry fangs around halloween.

A vampire costume is hard enough to make original and cool without crumby homemade fangs on top of the deal. Go buy a real pair and spend the time saved on another part of your outfit.How do I make fake vampire fangs using fake nails?
You just don't want to buy a set? Cut them like a V w/ fingernail clippers, then file them down so they're not cutting could always glue them to an invisilign(?) thing.....glue them to a braces rubberband, let it dry of course, then put the rubber band around your teeth....
ooh how creative, i suggest you go to a halloween store and find some they willl work better (and look better)鈥?/a>

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