Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is it a hassle to play volleyball with fake nails?

I want to get fake nails, but I play volleyball (2 practices; 3 hours a week) and I'm not sure if getting them is worth it. I'm only going to keep them for a short time, and my friend has done it before, but I am still unsure if I should do it or not.Is it a hassle to play volleyball with fake nails?
a hassel and definetly a PAIN if you break one off

OUCHIs it a hassle to play volleyball with fake nails?
Now-a-days although the nails are looking Real, I personally had them for a wedding and people kept asking too see my nails, and they couldn't even tell that they were fake, I told them that they were fake and they burst out screaming things like holy $hit. ETC. But, I too play sports and even if you get shorter nails, the glue on the nails is pretty crappy and once it drys they pop off pretty easy, and playing sports with them is a huge nuisance! I personally say only do it if its for a special night or whatever, and once the night is over go home and put a lot of nail polish remover on them (this kinda shrivels them and they just disappear.) But don't even try to play sports with them, I did and one broke off and took my real nail with it. They are a MAJOR pain, and REALLY hurt when they rip out due to whatever reason, and trying to make them look real you have to put it somewhat under the skin around your nail, and it hurts SO bad, and after you get them off they have somewhat stretched the skin, and your real nails have glue on them for weeks after, and although they look good with the fake nail on, the real nail looks horrid after!
It definetly isn't worth it. I used to play and every practice me or other girs with fake nails would litterally break the entire nail off trying to dig a spike or set. It will mess you up very much.
don't get them when playing v-ball, just wait til' after the season
don't do it.

fake nails look bad anyways. they're not attractive, just fake looking.

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