Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can you have square fingernails without fake nails?

I really like the look of those square fingernails with the french tips on them, but I'm not so crazy about the idea of getting fake nails. Is it possible for me to just grow them long and shape them that way and get them done at a salon or something? Does anyone else even do this, or does everyone just use fake nails?Can you have square fingernails without fake nails?
When i went to get my nails done i asked for the french tip but not the fake nails and when they were making it look square they didn't clip any of the nail off they just filed them from the sides a bit and then at the top made it all square (like straight) so i guess that also makes it easy to pass the nail polish on the tip of the nails. Well they did turn out good! Hope i helped!Can you have square fingernails without fake nails?
well my nails are really long, well not scary long but lots of people @ my school think there crazy long but anyway, i like the same square shape for nails and i just use a toenail clipper and clip the end of my nails and use a nail filler to make it squarish, u dont really need to go get them done 2 look like that but I guess if u want them to be french painted, but keep your nails healthy, and dont keep them costantly painted cause they'll get nasty looking when u take the nail polish off
You can try to grow them out and clip them and then shape them into square form. I have square finger nails. I do have to shape them in the form I like.

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