Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do fake nail make your real nails weak?

I am 14 and my mom wont let me get my nails done

i do have really nice nails naturally

but i just want to expirementDo fake nail make your real nails weak?
These people obviously go to unskilled, immagrant owned and operated salons where the workers don't know how to do nails at all. They ';rough'; up your nails for NO other reason than to get an illegal chemical chemical called MMA to adhere to your nails. See, this garbage, and totally cheap crap will not adhere to a nail unless it is held by a mechanical bond. That is the ONLY reason they use dremels (not made for use on nails), and literally tear your nails into shreds. And then they wonder why their nails hurt afterward, and why they supposedly ruin your nails. Let me tell you folks a fact that is well known, but you apparently missed it somewhere along the line: Acrylic (legal, and approved acrylic) does NOT ruin your nails. It is a careless and unskilled nail salon worker that ruins your nails. There is absolutely no need to rough up your nails when the proper chemicals are used. They use it for one reason: because it is so cheap to buy. One gallon of the garbage costs about $30. Compare that to real, approved, and SAFE chemicals. The real stuff costs over $200 a gallon. They use the cheapest chemicals, implements, and files that can be bought. What do you expect for $20? Good, nice looking nails? No way! Look, you pay for cheap nails, and you will get cheap nails. It happens every time. So, if you don't wan them ruined, stay away from the dirty cheap salons that charge low, low prices for nails because you WILL regret going to one. Go to a reputable, and highly experienced nail tech instead who talks out languge, and uses nothing but the best products available. They are out there, you just have to look around and you will find one. You will be glad you did.Do fake nail make your real nails weak?
Yes. Press on nails will not weaken your natural nails, but they fall off quite easily. Acrylic nails will stay on for quite some time, but here is why... they actually file down your real nails, not just length but the entire surface of the nail, making it very thin and weak. And if you get someone who is having an off day they may end up filing the middle of your nail surface down to bleeding (happened to me when I was young). Your nails will grow back eventually, but will look horrible for some time.

I recommend not getting acrylic nails... if you have good nails anyhow, just get a regular manicure. It costs mush less and is hassle free.
depends what kind of fake nails...but then the good professional kind, yeah it damages your nails.. they shave the top of your nails, make it thinner than it could easily break..

i personally think its worth it because it looks really pretty, but thats up to you to decide..

Personal experience~
hell yea they weaken your nails. i'm 17 and my mom doesn't want me getting that crap done either. and besides why would you want fake nails? almost every girl has fake nails. and it never looks good. i got my nails done a while ago cuz i wanted to ';experiment'; and got them taken off 3 days later. not worth it.
yeah they make them weak

everytime i got fake nails and took them off

my real nails were sore

and it took weeks for my real nails to get as strong as they usually are

if you have natually nice nails

dont get fake nails they will mess your real nails up

Yes they do make your real nails very week. I had fake nails done and when I took them off my own nails were hurting and they paper thin.
yes they really weaken them. they make the natural enamel really weak.
I AGREE WITH GREEN EYES .. YOU WILL be better off staying awway from them everytime i use them they break my nails and mess up my nail bed ... it takes so long to repair them... just get a manicure!
Yes they ruin your nails
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