Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to remove fake nails from a salon?

I have acetone to remove them with, but

A) I don't know how long to soak them


B) I don't know how to remove them after they've been soaked. btw i don't have an orange stick or anything like that and its christmas so there are no stores open to go get one.

THANKS!How to remove fake nails from a salon?
you just soak them for 5 minutes then push off all of the soft acrylic, then soak them for another 5 minutes ... and continue until you get them off. If you don't have an orange wood stick - you can use a file, anything really, a popsicle stick, a business card, a butter knife ..... it doesn't matter. Hope you get them off soon, by the way. Merry ChristmasHow to remove fake nails from a salon?
All you have to do is soak your nails in acetone until they start falling of

TIP:I usually pour the acetone in some really hot water than i put my nails flat down on the bowl than i wait to they fell soft then I take one hand at a time out then just start pulling it out. if they don't want to came off don't force them just put them back in the bowl.
around 20ish minutes and then they should slip off


the glue the salon used is super strong, then they may not come off easily!

good luck!

hope you had a good christmas! xx

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