Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fake nail glue & kitchen counter top!?

Okay, I'm usually very careful when putting fake nails on, but today I rushed, and sat at the kitchen counter to put them on. I accidentally got glue on the counter, and thought it would come right off, but it didn't, and now theres a big white mark on the counter. Any suugestions as to how I could get it off?Fake nail glue %26amp; kitchen counter top!?
try some paint may take a while to get it off but this usually does the trick..not sure if finger nail polish will work but give it a trya nd make sure it has ascetone in it..Fake nail glue %26amp; kitchen counter top!?
use nail polish remover.
Assuming that it's a laminate (e.g., formica) or Corian counter, you can use Acetone or Lacquer Thinner. If it's granite or marble, consult with a granite dealer.
Acetone nail polish remober.
put alcohol on it and then scratch it off

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