Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can you put a fake nail on a broken nail bed?

I feel your pain!! I am no doctor, but that has happened to me several times before (from heavy objects slamming directly on my nails), sometimes my nails even split down the middle (from excessive nail buffing with inexperienced manicurists). What you need to do right now is take care of the pain and keep it from unnecessary abrasions, while still letting air through to help it heal:

1. Wash your hands clean with antibacterial soap. Rinse out whatever dust or dirt and other debris that might be caught inside the injured part of the nail.

2. Gently pat your hands dry with either a paper towel/tissue or a clean towel, taking care not to rub the injured nail.

3. Get an Antibiotic Ointment With Pain Relief and LIGHTLY DAB the broken nail with it. The ointment has antibacterial medicine to keep it from getting infected. Even if it is infected, the ointment will help, too.

4. Then put a Band-Aid over it, making sure the white cotton square covers right over the broken part. This is so that it will soak up any possible liquid excretion----just in case if there's any pus from any possible infection. Don't worry, the Band-Aid will protect the broken nail from abrasion every time you accidentally bump into anything or rubbing against clothing material. Yet it still lets air through from the sides, so it will still be breathable.

5. Repeat Steps 1-4 three to four times per day, applying a fresh Band-Aid every time. Once you can feel it starts healing (when the pain isn't so bad anymore), you can keep up with Steps 1-4 and changing the Band-Aid once or twice a day.


When it still hurts really bad, for showering, I would put another Band-Aid on, placing it perpendicular to the regular horizontal one (like a cross). Since it's impossible to keep your finger dry during the shower, with a double Band-Aid, you can at least have a higher chance of keeping the Band-Aid on to minimize the pain. When you get out of the shower, just dab some more Ointment on and place a new Band-Aid on.

Be sure to clean the wound with antibacterial soap every time you change Band-Aids.

If the condition worsens, such as if the infection gets worse (more %26amp; more pus comes out or if you feel feverish as a result of that injury), you need to see a doctor ASAP for some stronger antibacterial medication.

Wait 'til after your fingernail has completely healed before you apply fake nails agains. Best wishes.Can you put a fake nail on a broken nail bed?
OUCH! not unless you want an infection! plus you should let your nails breath.Can you put a fake nail on a broken nail bed?
Uh yeah can you say fungus. Yuck. Wouldn't do that.

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